Difference between Domain Parking & Domain Forwarding

Difference between Domain Parking & Domain Forwarding

Domain Parking

A parked domain is a domain other than your primary domain. It points to same website that your primary domain points. It also shares the same nameservers as that or your primary domain. The only difference that can be witnessed between primary domain and parked domain is the url that appears in the address bar or browser. It is to note that a parked domain works similarly like primary domain in all respects. Many business houses use these parked domains for advertising purposes.

Domain Forwarding

Domain Forwarding is quite similar to domain parking but has some minor differences like:

  • Domain being forwarded is hosted separately from primary domain.
  • Forwarded domain uses different nameservers.
  • Domain Forwarding redirects visitors to primary domain. Once redirected, visitors see primary domain in address bar of browser.

There are two types of domain forwarding:

  • Masked
  • Unmasked

In masked forwarding, after domain being redirected, you can hide the primary domain. It means visitors will see the forwarded domain name in url address bar of browser. Whereas unmasked forwarding, allows visibility of primary domain in url address bar after being redirected.

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