Difference between Parked, Addon and Sub Domain

parked domain

Most of the time people either get confused between parked, addon and sub domain. They keep on searching Google for the answers. Many times, we also get asked this question by our customers. Well, here is straightforward answer.

Parked Domain

It is another domain which is parked on main domain. In simple words, a parked domain is a domain that points to an existing domain. They are useful when you wish to point multiple domains on a single website. Consider a domain “yourcompany.com” as your primary domain. However, you register “yourcompany.net” and “yourcompany.org” and point them to your primary domain. Then, it is considered that you have parked “yourcompany.net” and “yourcompany.org”.


  • Parked domain must be registered with registry.
  • Parked domains must have identical nameservers as of primary domain.
  • You can create emails on your parked domains.

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Addon Domain

An addon domain is just like having a different website with its own unique content. Addon domains are used when you wish to host a new website in current hosting of other domain. An addon domain will point to a folder in public_html (or www or root directory) of your mail domain. An addon domain must be registered with registry and must have identical nameservers as that on main domain.

Consider main-domain.com as your primary domain and new-domain.com as your addon domain. There are three ways of accessing addon domain:

  • New-domain.com
  • Main-domain.com/new-domain
  • New-domain.main-domain.com


  • An addon domain will have its separate emails, FTPs, sub-domains, web stats.
  • An addon domain shall utilize same space and bandwidth as that of primary domain.

Sub Domain

Sub domains are the prefixes added to primary domain name. Sub domains have their unique content and act as a different website. A sub domain points to a folder location in public_html (root directory of primary website). Now let us understand domains with example. Consider Google.com as primary domain. Google runs many services like mail, adwords, maps, images, etc. So, it runs an individual website for all its services on its sub domains. So those sub domains look like:

  • Mail.google.com
  • Adwords.google.com
  • Images.google.com
  • Maps.google.com

NOTE: You can also reach sub domain by going to particular directory like http://www.google.com/maps.

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